Where to Start

CBD is still considered an herbal supplement, please consult a Doctor or medical professional before beginning this, or any other treatment.

Starting your CBD Journey

One of the most common lines of questioning we get in our shoppe is about which CBD product to start with.  The answer is almost always "it depends".   Those are usually followed by a series of questions from us about the reason you are looking to start CBD.  Is it chronic pain?  Is it anxiety?  Is it a sports injury?  is it a medical condition and your Dr. has suggested trying CBD?  There are several other questions to be asked and answered to get to the core of your concerns.  The truth is, everyone is different, every situation is different, and everybody has different needs.

At the Leaf Shoppe our mission is to try and give you as much information about CBD, gather as much information from you as we can, and guide you in the right direction.  Our CBD sublingual oils range in dosages from 250mg bottles - 2500mg bottles and they come in multiple different cannabinoid content combinations (see What is CBD? for more details).  

What we like to tell people is to "start low, go slow" - meaning you don't have to buy the most expensive bottle of CBD to find out if CBD can work for you.  By explaining how CBD can work with your own body and understanding your reasons for wanting to take CBD, we try to lead you in the right direction of the most effective CBD type and dosage for you.  We are more than happy to explain CBD to you and try to understand your needs so we can help.  If your Dr. has recommended a particular dosage of CBD, we can help with that too.


We know our CBD Oil and Pain Butter products are top of the line, 100% organic, and have helped thousands of people in Wisconsin and beyond.  Since CBD is unregulated, we recommend you ALWAYS check the ingredients and label information on any product claiming to have CBD in it.  Don't overpay for online products or get bamboozled by numbers or fancy labels.  Know what you're getting.  If you're unsure, you can snap a pic of your current label or bring in your containers for us to look at with you.  If your current product is working for you, we can guarantee ours will be just as good, if not better - and likely for a more inexpensive price.  

CBD Isolate Oil 500mg
30ml Bottle
Common Place to Start for Adults is 500mg CBD Isolate or
800mg Full Spectrum*
Single Dose of .4ml Clearly Marked
As with any dosage of our CBD oil, if you find you need a stronger dose you can always double up or even triple up until you find your "sweet spot" of relief. The benefit of self dosing with CBD, is the ability to adjust dosages for your own needs.  Try to keep track of how much and how often you're taking the oil to find your optimum daily dosage.  It is recommended to take CBD oil twice a day using the .4ml mark.  However, some can find relief with a single dose daily.  So "start low, go slow" to find what works best for you.  Once you get the desired relief, and know how much CBD is taken per day, you can make a more educated decision on future purchases.  This will ultimately save you money and reduce the frequency of dosing throughout the day.  If you have any questions about CBD, our products, or dosages, please contact us to get the information you need.  We are always happy to help.
*These are just minimal adult dosage suggestions.  We'd love you to contact us for more information.  If you do not want to contact Leaf Shoppe to discuss the reasons you want to take CBD, these are a good jumping off points for people who want to explore using CBD.  Generally, when the issues are more severe you may want to start off a little higher which is why we like to talk it over with you.