Starting to Use CBD?

CBD is still considered an herbal supplement, please consult a Doctor or medical professional before beginning this, or any other treatment.

Not everyone responds to CBD the exact same way, but here are
some things you might notice:


  • Craving and metabolism change (usually a reduction and slight weight loss), more
    energy, improvement color and tone of skin, and more.

  • Better sense of stability, more agile, feeling stronger or more endurance.

  • Reduction of inflammation throughout the body helping the body bounce back with better recovery after injuries or illness.

  • Mood stabilization with a greater sense of happiness and well-being, less drama and more clarity.

  • Chronic unresolved conditions may seem to recur.  A "healing crisis" can occur, which means you can feel a bit worse but will eventually feel a whole lot better.

  • Minor temporary setbacks may occur as your body adjusts.  Stick with it! A change in perception and awareness may occur.  Keep in mind that as some things resolve, and you may find yourself more active and it may cause what appears to be setbacks.

  • Noticeable reduction of symptoms, illnesses, and stressors allowing for a better sense of well-being, along with greater mental clarity, focus, and increased sustained energy. 

  • Reduction of procrastination from typically avoided tasks.

  • Usually after several months of use the cumulative benefits will result in an on-going sense of calm, mindfulness, and happiness.